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    本校創建於民國43年,目前全校國小部共有6班,附設幼兒園1班, 學生來自鄰近的白守蓮、高台、基翬、芝田4社區, 阿美族原住民學生占本校學生80%。為建構新世紀的教育環境,本校於105年修訂本校願景為「優質、活力、宏觀、永續」,並積極發展體育及語文教育為學校本位特色,建構在地特色課程及深耕閱讀課程為校本特色課程,培育符應校本願景特質的未來學習力的三仙學子。

     Sanxian Elementary School is located in the north of Changgong Township, Taitung County. It is embraced by the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains, close to the National Scenic Area Sanxiantai and next to Taitung Natural History Museum, which provides rich natural environment and learning resources. Sanxian was established in 1954. There are total 6 classes and 1 affiliated kindergarten. Students come from 4 neighboring communities which are Bai Shou-Lian, Gao-Tai, Ji-Hui, Chih-Tian. 80% of the students are Amis aboriginal students.

     In order to build an educational environment fulfilling the expectation of a modern society in the new century, in September 2016, we revised our school vision as “Excellent, Active, Macroscopic, and Sustainable” to nurture robust world citizens for the 21th century. Moreover, we actively develop PE and Language Education as our school-based features, and build up local cultural curriculum and reading curriculum as our featured curriculum. We hope to breed Sanxian students with learning ability in the future by integrating our school vision and specialties.